May 21, 2020 By Diver

Arcility HD Resource Pack

Have you ever wonder about playing Minecraft with a pack that changes the boring default look into something more realistic ? You don’t need to go anywhere because Arcitily 64x HD resource pack can solve this problem for you. This Arcility 64x HD resource pack takes the default look and replaces the graphics with a brand new look, which more real looking, so beautiful and detailed. After check out this pack, the best example is the beautiful looking wood textures, when you see it, you feel like you can touch it because it’s too realistic, what a nice job from the creator.

You can see that the planks look like they belong on a new modern style, which make players feel comfortable, and the logs have worn looking bark. Just some example but could blow your mind away, seriously !!! There still a lot of new things are waiting for you to find out.

Look at those screenshots below .. the caverns are dusty and dark . The deserts look arid and dry, so realistic. The water surface is very detailed, everything is simply perfect !!