July 4, 2020 By Diver

Rex Pack Resource Pack

Today, we gonna introduce to you guys a resource pack called Rex Pack. In my opinion, this Rex Pack Resource pack is one of the best – fantastic resource pack ever. The developer has changed so much about the original game of Minecraft that make me feel like playing a whole new different game. We could say that the game of Minecraft still haves its unique features but as you can see, the theme of the game has been dramatically changed !!!

I think, music and sound are the key of a successful resource pack. As a result, this resource pack not only changes the textures graphic of the game, but also adds a lot of new awesome music and sound effects into the game, which make players feel very excited. This resource pack has a futuristic theme, so the new music and sounds are relate to this game such as electro music, futuristic sounds, etc …

In spite of the fact that this pack has a futuristic theme, It still kept the sign simlar, still medieval just like those default weapons and tools of Minecraft, you guys can check out some screenshots below. However, the theme has been changed with a brand new resolution but It still keeps the same feeling when you playing Minecraft – simple but useful. So what’re you waiting for ? Download and install this resource pack today !!