I lost my Minecraft account!

24 December, 2022

I lost my Minecraft account!

With all the new updates I've decided to download Minecraft again to play but when logging back on I couldn't get pass the login because password was wrong.

I know my user name and account name but I don't rmember password I've tried every password I've ever used in my life but it doesn't work. So I decide to go to the website to change my password.

Here's the complicated part. I had bought the game years ago so I'm assuming it's the old version before Mojang happened. So I tried to sign in with the old email that had previously bought the game.

Again the password didn't work so I sent a request to change the password. They never sent an email so I assumed that I may have transferred it to my current email. Once again it said either the password wasn't right or the email didn't have an account to it.

So I decided to also request password change for that email as well. I know that I had transferred the account to the new version with the old email account through an old email but other than that I don't know where the account is.

I later tried to sign in making a mojang account for my new email but that just gave me a demo. I'm scared that it might have deleted the account with the demo version.

I haven't got any emails about the passwords from minecraft and cant even login to the website besides the new email w/ the demo version. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.